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Rob Rowe
Debbi Dachinger


Lions of Lyra is an upbeat music group that hails from California. The band formed based on a collection of healing, spirit connecting, love activating, and sacred music. The band members, musicians met and just couldn’t get enough spontaneous music, improvisation, and collaboration. Their unique brand of entertainment fuses heartfelt, conscious music that ignites your soul and uplifts your spirit.

Debbi Dachinger, Lions of Lyra’s singer, is a graduate of USC dramatic arts with a background in Broadway musicals, while Rob Rowe is a classically trained guitarist and graduate of Musicians Institute in Hollywood. Their events induce a heart-and-mind-opening journey. Debbi sings in multiple languages, including Lakota, Spanish, French, Sanskrit, Hebrew, and English. Lions of Lyra consistently brings great content of aware music, charged with emotion and insight. They share their performances by offering musical medicine for the mind, body, and soul. The experience positively shifts audiences with uplifting beats and conscious lyrics that get you meditating, moving, and feeling whole again.  Lions of Lyra brings talented guest musician artists for performances to create an enhanced experienced for all.

Rob and Debbi are certified in Healing with Sound and Music from the Sound Wellness Institute.

Are you CRAVING sound that elevates your spirit? Lions of Lyra received the award for ‘The Best Music as Medicine Band for Sound Healing.”  They set up their events so that participants relax, restore, sooth the nervous system, improve moods, heal, and go to a deep calm, while recharging and increasing their wellbeing.

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"Debbi and Rob delivered a profound sound bath experience. Their band, Lions of Lyra, gave a phenomenal performance at my yoga studio, and we have already invited them back to continue offering monthly events. Part one was a sound healing/meditation artfully guided by Debbi and accompanied by crystal bowls and gong, with Rob doing some delicate and spacious guitar work. When that was over, they launched into a 90-minute concert that included ceremonial medicine music, classical guitar standards, and a lively renaissance piece to top things off. Debbi’s angelic voice, with Rob and band members skillful instrument performing made it an incredible night to remember. They received rave reviews.”
Ozzy Aziz
Owner of Wellness of Oz
“For the past year and a half, the band Lions of Lyra has presented their music artistry at my weekend healing retreats. I have found their music to be spiritually uplifting, transformative and expertly performed. My clients enjoyed the experience because it is extremely positive and they have requested to have Rob and Deb back time after time.”
Dina Martinka
Meditation Instructor and Energy Healing Facilitator
“Last night was so beautiful- the glow! Inside this lovely studio with so many lovely souls. Lions of Lyra performed a deep soulful concert that replenished my spirit! Big thank you for filling this space with grace and such talent.”
MaLisa Martin
Pilates, Aromatherapy & Sound Healing Instructor